Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I have so much to write :) Firstly, better eating and exercise is apparently working. Boyfriend said he could see difference in the way one of my shirts now fits me. Yay! I have really kept at it this time, I swear.

Friday evening I went out for my birthday girls' night out. Most people cancelled - some were sick, some had work conflicts, etc. It wound up just being me, CL Friend, and new Writer Friend (have I mentioned her?). Both ladies are awesome and even though they had never met, we all got along well and had an amazing time.

First we went to a Tapas bar with a fantastic happy hour. We ate rosemary lamb, potatoes, cheese and fruit, and other lovely concoctions, which were really cheap when paired with our wine and mixed drinks. Afterwards, we went to a jazz club, but only briefly. It was so dark that we couldn't see each other, and the musician had just finished his set. The next one was due to come out in an hour, but we didn't wait. We headed out to another place which was kind of ritzy. We spent our time in their outside courtyard, in a white tent with lights strung up, right behind the band.

At this place, we reclined on chaise longues and had fancy schmancy drinks. (I had a pomegranate cosmopolitan and felt like I was on Sex and the City.) Those two requested Beatles' "Birthday" from the band, who did not play it, but they did demand that I reveal myself to the crowd so they could all sing "Happy Birthday." It was embarrassing.

We ended the night with a petticab ride by Writer Friend's girlfriend, who is in such incredible shape that she pulled the three of us around downtown. CL Friend returned to the apartment with me, where we shot the shit with Boyfriend for an hour or so until she went home. Kick ass night! Boyfriend suggested we do girls' night once a month, and I am inclined to agree ;)

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