Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Perhaps I should not be making a cup of hot chocolate that says "Good Night Kisses" or hugs or whatever it's called, while I'm at work and trying to be alert :)

Oh well.

Yesterday the Bollywood workout arrived. It was okay - not bad. I didn't feel quite as sexy as I do with belly dancing. In truth, I felt a little ridiculous. They want you to "SMILE!" while you're doing these crazy positions and it's like, I know they may smile a lot in Bollywood films but I'm not happy right now. The woman actually says in the introduction that it is so much fun you will not be able to stop yourself from giggling.

Now, I would make fun of this if not for the fact that a Tae Bo video I've been doing recently has made me giggle. It's totally random... I'm punching and kicking the air and then I break into a fit of laughter. Must be that some point in the video releases such a burst of endorphins that happiness floods over me, I don't know.

But that didn't happen in old Bollywood. I hope that if I continue to work at it (I was not in good enough shape to do the whole 50 minutes) it will get better.

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