Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Home At Last

I am in such a great mood though I probably shouldn't be. My flight was delayed yesterday and I got home in the middle of the night, much sicker than when I boarded the plane in the first place. I am still pretty sick today, though back at work, but I don't care - I'm happy!

I'm happy because I had an excellent trip with no regrets, and I'm happy to be home with Boyfriend. Now I can relax and settle in and get back to my life - work, school, etc. Not to mention New Year resolutions.

Yes, I have the old "get healthy" resolution once again, but - how cliche is this? - this time I mean it. Boyfriend and I are going to go hard-core with the gym and all. Wish us luck. Since it is the first week of January I am psyched. Next week I will probably be miserable, but I am enjoying my optimism right now. I even ordered the Bollywood workout DVD - oh yes.

In addition, Boyfriend got me like 10 books for my birthday, all of which were waiting for me when we arrived.

Does it get any better?


Estella said...

Yeee!! I want that Bollywood workout DVD. It looks SO FUN.

Andi said...

And that would be me.