Friday, January 25, 2008

Resolutions update

  • Stop biting nails

Still biting. I bought this bitter nail polish to put on but it's not working very well.

  • Stop drinking
I don't want to stop completely - I want the occasional glass of wine with dinner. But the last few martinis I have had have actually made me sick. The other night, I didn't even finish my one drink and I was totally sick. Seeing as it is no longer enjoyable to me I'm going to give it up. Bro, don't say anything annoying or stupid or you are sleeping out on the balcony when you arrive :)

  • Volunteer more
I signed up to work a "Family Fun Night" at a local elementary school, where they give free books to kids and try to get them interested in reading. I also signed up to work an event for battered women, though that is not until May.

  • Exercise more
I am exercising more though still not enough. Working on it.

  • Eliminate my usage and waste of plastic bags
I have not yet bought the reusable bags but I will. Every time I have fifty thousand plastic bags left over after a food shopping excursion, I feel guilty.

  • Be less lazy around the house
Um... will get back to you on that one.



Hehehehehehe took ya long enough to wise up.

And threaten all ya want...I can bunk with Britt. ;)

sojourness said...

I'm glad you have a Plan B :)


And I'm glad you'll find better methods of enjoyment that DON'T come from a stupid glass. :)

Andi said...

I have almost completely converted to reusable shopping bags and I LOVE THEM. You will too. And it's so nice that my trash can isn't overflowing with plastic.