Friday, February 10, 2006

Hello Goodbye

I have been having some crazy good times with my friends this week. I wanted to see them all before I leave for Texas because even though I'll visit each month, I may not get the chance to see them much, what with fellowship responsibilities and spending time with my family.

Let's see. On Tuesday, Best Friend came over. It was the first time I was seeing her since she got back from Argentina. She brought me the cutest mug and bookmark from there. She got to see my new sister (the baby straight from heaven that never, ever cries), and then we drove to our old neighborhood to have some not-so-great Indian food. At one point during the day, I told her that I have been on a tofu kick recently. She laughed and said, "Wow, I don't think I've ever heard you say that before. Can I get that in writing?" Best Friend has been a vegetarian for at least ten years, and I had been making fun of her for it since we were kids. Shocked the hell out of her when I became one.

Wednesday I stopped by the campus for some appointments and ran into Future Priest. He lamented the fact that he didn't know I was coming and didn't have a going away present, but then he rummaged around in his bag, saying, "Wait a minute, let me see what's in here..." I laughed and said, "What is that, the magic Catholic bag?" And, surprise surprise, he pulled out something. It was a cross keychain and an angel pin, both very medieval-looking and cute.

That night I went back to the old neighborhood to meet Childhood Friend and High School Friend for coffee. H.S.F. showed up first, and gave me a going away present - a beautiful journal. Man, I could have twenty blank journals and still get excited when someone gives me one, I love them so much. Then C.F. came, and C.F.'s ex, who is a very fun and likable guy that I haven't seen in a very long time. We laughed and laughed, and here are some of the memorable quotes of the evening:

"I love to pee!"

"For the moments when you want to smell like a whore."

"You can't prove how stupid you are until you open your mouth."

"Madonna's thighs are like rocks."

(Perhaps you had to be there.)

Before the night was over, C.F. gave me a cutesy poem on a small plaque to take with me. She also gave me one of those greeting cards with a black and white photo of childhood friends on it, which was adorable and touching. I have known C.F. since I was six years old.

(Oh yes, and Wednesday afternoon I found out that I did, indeed, get the job in Venice for this summer. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!)

Yesterday I saw "The New World" with Veteran Seeker. I can see why people called it boring. I didn't find it boring, per se, but I did find myself drifting off and thinking about other things. The thing is, I think Terrence Malick wanted viewers to feel the story more than hear it, and to that end, there was little dialogue and much Pocahontas frolicking in the woods to the musical score. And when I say much, I mean much. But overall, I'm glad I saw it. I did enjoy it. And seeing Christian Bale in a movie brought back high school memories of being madly in love with him and ditching school to see him when he was in town. (Alas, long, disappointing story.)

Afterwards, V.S. had to go to work and I met up with Fellow Seeker, who was just getting out of work. We had dinner at our fave veggie restaurant and then went to our cafe, where V.S. met us after he finished at his job. We had a really fun night. At one point, F.S. referenced some pretty blasphemous sketches we (read: he) drew on napkins that night that we were in the mood to draw on napkins, and he said I should put them on my blog. I said, "No, because that could be held against me on Judgment Day. As it stands I can just deny it. "Did you draw those pictures?" "Who, me? No." But if God has a printout from the website, that will screw me over. I will have to be like, "Let me speak to the Goddess!"

Speaking of the Goddess, you might want to send a shout-out to Her for me because I fly tomorrow and it is supposed to snow. I am not too freaked out because I figure that if it's bad they'll just put me on the next available flight (and I won't lose my moneyyyy) but Mother is.

Reading "The Color Purple," almost done. It kicks ass.



And where was MY hangout?

sojourness said...

I said in my mass e-mail that I wanted to hang out w/ whoever was available, and people got back to me, and plans started being made... it has been crazy lately.


I didn't know that's how it was supposed to run. Oy! Directions, next time! :P Ah well, didn't matter anyway...was in school all week an' not gonna be able to speak much this whole weekend apparently.

fp said...

Christian Bale played Jesus once in Mary, Mother of Jesus:

speaking of Our Lady, the Blessed Virigin Mary will always take us by the hand to lead us to her Son

... and it's a grace filled Catholic backpack lol ...

and PLEASE keep praying to Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, because it's always the key, Bl. Mother Teresa did even in her terrible struggles where for decades she felt no comfort from God and look what she still did for Him...

adios mi amiga, keep in touch...

sojourness said...

Heh I know, I saw the movie back then.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Congrats on Venice! So much yummy stuff to comment on in your post, but I'll just say have a safe trip to TX. We'll leave the light on for ya.