Saturday, February 18, 2006


Buon giorno!

I had the wake-up call of my life yesterday. I went to my first meeting with that Italian prof and her students. They were all advanced students who were fairly fluent. They told me that they usually have students of all levels, but the less advanced ones taper off as the semester goes on. I met a lot of new people (there were 12 total, plus the professor) and they were very nice. They discussed everything from religion to museums, all in Italian. I had quite a few conversations, mainly about myself, where I'm from, what I study, what I'm doing here (when they found out that I'm not a student here, they kept asking me, "Che cosa fai?" - "What do you do?" I don't know the translation for "I'm just lazing around for a while, making nothing of my life," so I tried to explain about taking a semester off without getting into the personal reasons why). I am looking forward to going each week, but geez... I felt so stupid around those people. I may have done well in my Italian classes but if you don't practice conversing, it's worthless. The most conversing I have ever done was responding to a question from the professor or taking an oral quiz where I answered one-line questions. That's it. This should really help me a lot. Devo praticare molto!



Everyone should just speak English. And stop usin' that damn metric system. What are they tryin' to prove with THAT one?

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Now I'm feeling guilty for not speaking spanish for the last nth number of years.