Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Was There A Girl On Your Boys' Night Out?

Yesterday was a lovely day. I took my sisters to school, which is always fun. They line up outside and when the teacher comes to get them and they start marching off into the building, all the kids wave and yell goodbye to their parents. My sisters always scan the crowd for the member of their family that brought them that day. They look and look and when their eyes find me they light up and wave furiously. It's adorable.

Afterwards, I traveled to my old college to see Mentor (a former professor of mine). He wanted to see me before I go to Texas. We went to Starbucks and talked for about an hour. We got into this great conversation about creative nonfiction (he asked what my future plans are, I told him of my interest in that field, then he asked if I had seen "Capote" and the conversation just exploded). It was nice.

I then went to Barnes and met up with Veteran Seeker. We stood in the aisle that juxtaposes Women's Studies with Gay and Lesbian and chattered on and on for a long time. I love having friends like the ones I have. We always have such engaging conversations that there are no pauses at all. We discussed Shakespeare and religion and British colonialism and just didn't miss a beat. It was so nice.

Fellow Seeker showed up afterwards and brought his new boyfriend so I could meet him. When we were introduced, he took my hand and kissed it. It was so medieval, hehe. F.S. gave his standard introduction for me: "Your life is not complete until you've met her! She's the female Jesus." If it was anyone but F.S. saying that, I would have been terribly frightened, but he is just like that. I remember going to his old job and being introduced to his coworkers as "the coolest person you'll ever meet in your life!!" He has this mixture of enthusiasm and delusion that is so endearing.

As the night went on, the four of us had dinner and then went to our favorite cafe for coffee. I really liked his boyfriend; he was funny and great for conversation. I had a lovely time. Hopefully I will see those guys again this week before I leave. V.S. and I want to see a few movies together, so we will see.

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