Friday, January 05, 2007


breakfast: bowl of honey graham o's with 2% milk
lunch: lean pocket, small salad, one snackwell cookie, glass of water

i started exercising again a couple of days ago and am now eating right, so i should be able to whittle my waistline away in the future. aunt flo, however, is on her way, which means i will be fatso for another week. but that's ok - i bought a fatso birthday outfit and all is good.

the party guest list is up to 18 people and myself. shit, that's a lot of people, and yet i can't think of one i'm not dying to see, which means it will be awesome. i also feel that i'm doing some friends a real favor by introducing them to indian food. i wish the traveler was in town and could come, though.



Don't do me no favors. :P

sojourness said...

listen you...