Sunday, January 07, 2007

happy birthday to meee

my birthday lunch went very nicely. of the 19 people who rsvped, 11 came, which was still a nice size crowd. i was a bit disappointed with the indian food - have definitely had better - but it was a nice place and most of the finickies were fine with the food. guest list included: boyfriend, sister, bro, veteran seeker, future priest, high school friends, the program coordinator from my old fellowship and three people i worked with in venice. seeing my regular friends made me really happy; they are such great people and so much fun to hang out with. seeing my venice friends made me happy but a little sad; it really reminded me of how we always used to sit around and b.s. in cafes and restaurants, and i missed it. that really was an amazing summer.

my friends gave me so many gift cards, i don't know what to do with them all. i foresee a lot of new books and stuff in my future :) kid sisters gave me a silver heart bracelet (that mother had something to do with; kid sister #1's idea for my present was to give me a barbie doll) and sister gave me a stuffed walrus (get it?), a jars of clay concert dvd and a gigunda pink alice in wonderland mug that i adore. mother gave me the dvd box set of the vicar of dibley and we had an ice cream cake. could they know me any better?


Andi said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful lunch! You deserve the bestest! (And I'm particularly fond of the Eliot post below!) ;)


Aha! I totally guessed one of 'em was Future Priest! Okay, just to satisfy me an' D's curiosity, who wer the brunette amd the blonde, and the redhead and the girl in pink who left early? (May as well get intros after the fact. :P)

sojourness said...

redhead = coordinator from fellowship

blonde = my boss in venice

brunette = shared apt. with me in july

girl who left early = someone else we worked with