Monday, January 22, 2007

i am not one for fast food. before now, i hadn't eaten it in years. since i've been home, however, i have succumbed to going out for it with friends and family who eat it. it's fast, it's cheap, it's easy ... what's the big deal? but after breakfast at burger king with sister this morning, i swear to never eat fast food again. i don't think your heart is supposed to hurt after a meal.

yesterday i got a call from a friend from venice. it was a big surprise and i was so excited to hear from him. i went to his place to see him last night. he's staying with his mother, which is not a bad deal considering his parents are rich art collectors or something. he lives in an amazing place with original harings and such on the walls. he showed me his johns. he owns it because jasper johns traced his shadow when he was five years old and used it in a piece!! anyway, my old boss showed up as well and we three had chinese takeout and white wine. it was great.

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'Cause them breakfasts are fulla more fat than anything else on that damn menu.