Friday, January 19, 2007

another rejection email. i should start putting money on how many will come in each week. any bets? bah.

my finances have driven me back to the wonderful world of editing erotic fiction. i am doing okay but could use the extra pennies.

four more days and then i'm off. i am really looking forward to going "home." austin may not be home but it feels like it since boyfriend and i have settled there. i can't wait to get back to our apartment and relax. it will be difficult to leave my little sisters, though. that will be tough.

one of my reviewing gigs sent me "if you want to write" by brenda ueland and i am really enjoying it so far. i need to read up more on writing - the process, various exercises, etc. i should use some of the gift card credit to get books on it, as these are things that should be in my library for the future.

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At least they never toldja you have no story structure and need to develop more technique before considerin' yer career. :) ('Course maybe I wouldn'ta gotten that had done both parts of the 2-part story I sent. Ah well...)