Tuesday, January 09, 2007

registered for my online classes a few days ago and have been checking them out today. two american lits (one the standard 1865-present type and the other focuses on the 1960's), one shakespeare and one creative writing. i didn't expect them to be easy or anything but it just hit me how much work i have ahead of me when i begin working full-time.

can we fix it?? YES WE CAN!!

it'll just be a bitch, that's all.

in other news, i thought that kid sisters had reached an age where i could read to them from a children's book sans pictures each night and it would be like a bonding thing for us. they weren't interested in e.b. white's classics in the library this evening so i pulled out my chronicles of narnia and started with the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. it was difficult at first - these kids are not used to following anything that isn't visual - but when i tried to give up out of frustration, they urged me to continue and began following the story intently. tomorrow night we will pick up again with lucy and mr tumnus on their way to have tea at his place. (nothing good ever comes out of going back to his place.) i hope the white witch doesn't scare them.

(my sisters didn't draw this or anything; i found it on google and it was too adorable not to put up here.)

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