Tuesday, January 02, 2007

vroom vroom

boyfriend lending me the laptop + kid sisters going back to school makes for an environment that is quite conducive to doing my work and some creative writing on the side. i am much more at peace with the world today.

on new years, i got slapped with a $65 ticket for my inspection sticker being expired. nobody has any holiday spirit, i suppose. thanks folks for not telling me when it would expire, considering i have been away for three months. *rolls eyes* that plus the $37 inspection fee has pissed me off a bit.

i woke up at 7:45 to get my car over to the mechanic first thing this morning only for him to make me wait a half hour to tell me that he doesn't have the new 2007 stickers yet. i had to spend those thirty minutes looking at his collection of toy cars, "best in show" trophies and girly posters. he kept running around the place, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth as i glanced at the large, red NO SMOKING sign in the office. i looked at the pictures of his children and wondered if his wife minds the girly posters, but then assumed that she must just accept the fact that he's a "man's man," being a mechanic and all. he's bulky with long, blond hair in a ponytail and dirt under his fingernails and he calls me sweetheart ... fits the profile. i wonder what the world would be like if you went to predominantly female establishments, like salons or shoe stores, and saw that the proprietors had pinned up scantily-clad men. would it just be accepted because "she's a real woman?"

(might i make a suggestion, sweetheart? put up something like this. it's a little less degrading, thanks. okay, off the tangent-slash-soapbox now.)

the only good the experience did me was to provide fuel for writing. i had to take lilith to a couple more places before i could unload her on someone. apparently no one wants to do inspections anymore; i guess it's not the "in" thing. fuckers.

anyway, going to continue sipping my tea and working and will check back in later. *sigh*



Too bad my pops can only do them in Jersey.

sojourness said...

interesting, i didn't know he did them... anyway, got it done, no biggie :)