Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The gym thing has started to fall flat for me. Before I got sick at the gym last week, I had been able to do like 30 minutes (if not more) on the elliptical machine. The last couple of times, I made it to 5 minutes and had to stop because my thighs and legs were so sore. What gives?

I have also been pulling things even though I stretch first. Crazy. So now I gotta go back to the lame-o treadmill for the remainder of my membership (till May 15 or so, which is surprisingly close, isn't it?) Hopefully I can get back into a groove and get a good workout in on the treadmill, either by walking "uphill" or walking/jogging fast or whatever. I don't know how I could have fallen backwards so far, but the last two trips to the gym were worthless because I had to stop very early. I only burned slightly more than 100 calories; I might as well have stayed home and ran up and down the stairs a couple times.

Work is slow; my boss is out for the week and there is not much for me personally to do until a few weeks from now. I will probably ask Friend From Work if he needs help with anything.

Yesterday was pouring buckets on my way home. Today is nicer, but I feel chilly and damp. I don't know why, it's sunny outside, but I can't really tell from where I sit and so I feel un po' strano.

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