Friday, April 27, 2007

Frigg - I missed the Democratic debate. That's what happens when you sell your T.V.

Ah, it's Friday. Boyfriend and I have a busy weekend ahead of us, what with packing and cleaning the apartment and putting things in storage and God knows what else will arise. It will be a pain but it will also be good to go home for a while, especially since Boyfriend's going with me. That should minimize stress.

I am going to surprise Father. I haven't told him I was coming and I told Mother not to. I'm just going to walk in one day, hee hee.

I wish I had time to start writing my novel. I got some good techniques and what-have-you from the creative writing class and I would love to sit down for a few hours and just dig in, but my free time is occupied by classes and such. It's not really 'free.' I shouldn't complain because things are pretty good; I feel happy.


cheekynomad said...

did u sell ur bed?

sojourness said...