Thursday, April 19, 2007

My gym experience yesterday was better. I stuck to the treadmill and the twisty machine for your trunk. Boyfriend downloaded the 4th Harry Potter audiobook onto his iPod for me since I have a new obsession with audiobooks, and it made the time go quickly. I can't watch TV at the gym, all they play is crap, and I can't just work out and listen to music. I get bored easily. I need stories in my ear all the time; it's weird.

I have been pretty moody lately, especially about going to the gym. Thankfully Boyfriend has been in his motivated mood, so he can pull through for the both of us and push my ass out the door. The time will come when we will switch roles, probably, but for now he's gotta drag me. When I get home from work I just want to lay around and read or something.

The weeks go by so quickly; it is already Thursday. This Sunday I have plans for brunch with Artsy Friend at one of my favorite places - yayyyy.

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