Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lovely weekend so far. Yesterday morning Boyfriend and I went to this trailer where people sell amazing crepes, and I thought to myself, this is Austin right here. Crepes from a trailer with some tables and chairs and benches set up and round flowery lamps hanging from a tarp, like some backyard party. They were yummy and we'll be back.

Today I had brunch with Artsy Friend. She's going to study art history in Florence this summer so I spent the entire time telling her just how jealous I am.

Making good progress on a paper for school. Has to be 12-15 pages, asking my prof. if I can make it a bit longer and then submit it so I can graduate with 'Honors in English.' I need a prof. to sign off on an honors project so hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone here.

I have been reading Anne Lamott's Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith and it's like a devotional book for me. The chapters are small and short and I can read one at a time and then feel peaceful. I don't know if it is this good spiritual feeling I have gotten but I reconciled with my cousin, whom I mentioned here before. She sent me a message on Myspace saying that she missed me and don't I remember how close we used to be? I messaged her back saying that I was having a hard time forgetting the awful things she said about my parents, and all it would take was for her to say she was sorry. She sent back an immature reply, something along the lines of "Well I thought it was obvious that I was sorry, but if you need me to say it, fine, I'm sorry," and I knew that that was the best I was going to get out of her. (There's a lot of pride in my family, I'm sorry to say.) So I have forgiven her. Although it is difficult to pretend nothing happened, my heart is not as hard. She has said that she really missed talking to me, and do I think we can get to be that close again? My gut reaction said no but I thought about it and messaged her back, "I'm sure we can."

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