Wednesday, April 09, 2008


  1. If I ever become the kind of writer who is remembered long after her death as having inspired people and made them think about the meaning of life, then I must be prepared for the possibility that some of my journal entries will be showcased in museums one day.

  2. Imagine a person you love is going to die in 25 minutes: what would you say to them before they go? Think about it and then say it to them now. (I wish someone would have told me this.)

  3. There are things about a person that you can never know until you attend their funeral. You should therefore not beat yourself up for not knowing and discussing with said person while they were alive.

  4. If your glass of water tastes musty, just think: it might be the ice cubes, not the water. (I learned this valuable lesson thanks to American Airlines and thought it might have some philosophical value. You're welcome :)

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