Thursday, April 24, 2008

I joined a Yahoo grief support group but the people on there are just depressing me so I left. I keep getting emails about how people's sons were murdered and friends committed suicide and they can't go on. This is not exactly encouraging to me. There is the occasional person who says "I went through it and it gets better" but they are few and far between.

I began my sugar sensitivity stuff yesterday. Again, I'm not doing detox. I simply swapped out white things for brown things and took sweets out of my diet. Well, I am allowing myself one small sweet a day, but no more. So yesterday I had granola with breakfast, a slice of seven grain bread with my lunch, a Lean Cuisine that contained pasta (the white kind, unfortunately) and some whole grain pita with dinner. I ate only fruit and when my sugar cravings got out of control last night, I had two cups of vanilla soymilk. I can always tell a diet is working when I have eaten plenty and still feel very hungry. My body is used to more calories and more sugar so it is like, what the hell is going on here? Last night I felt that way, which encouraged me. The book says to have a potato every night about two hours after dinner so you won't wake up in the night hungry (which I have many times in the past). It worked. I have high hopes.

I'm not journaling, though. For a writer I am seriously lazy about writing down what I eat; always have been.


Andi said...

I need to get back on the health train. I've been eating whatever I want lately (strawberry shortcake included), and I really need to get back to the whole grains and less sugar.

Laura said...

What a surprise!!! I found your comment on my blog and I came here to visit you... and I discover that you're not italian... or, maybe, you're italian and you live in America, or... I don't know. Anyway, thanks for your visit... come back if you want when you want... you're absolutely welcome! And forgive me for my english... I studied it years ago but I don't practice it at all.
Ciao e a presto!