Friday, April 18, 2008

I am skimming a book from the library called Potatoes, not Prozac. It's about sugar-sensitivity. The author theorizes that some people - and the description fit me well - are sensitive to sugar, meaning they consume too much and are dependent on it, like a drug. Not just in sweet things, but in "white" things like bread, pasta, rice or any carb that's not "brown" (whole grains).

I haven't read it very indepth because science bores me but the idea is that sugar inhibits the happy chemicals in your brain like serotonin. (I have heard this before because they always advise you to avoid things like sugar and alcohol when you are depressed.) They recommend a week-long detox where you have NO sugar, not even fruit, but I don't do ridiculous things like that. I might just cut out all "white" things in favor of brown and cut the sweets way down. (Since all of this happened, I have been on the coffee and sweets again like nobody's business.) It can't hurt to see if it helps my mood, not to mention my weight and energy level.

In other news, I finally kicked the nail biting habit. I'm not sure how this came about but when I got back after the funeral I noticed that they had grown because I hadn't bit them during the entire trip. You would think I would have because of stress, but I just didn't think of it, I must have been so distracted. I immediately bought some fancy schmancy nail polish, not the cheap crap that I've been using, and it hardened them up. They continue to grow and look great - I am very happy about it.

Meeting Feminist Friend for coffee after work today. I have only known her for such a short time but she has been super supportive throughout this, really helping me out and offering good insight. Other than that, weekend plans include SLEEPING, going to the park with Boyfriend if weather allows and a possible knitting event.


Andi said...

I need to check into this sugar sensitivity thing. Sounds SO me.

cheekynomad said...

along the lines of what you wrote, i'm trying to cut out HFCS out of the stuff i eat. i eat my waffles with fruit spread now (not jelly) instead of with syrup.

i can't cut out sugar, it's my only addiction, it's in the coconut cookies i love so much.

sojourness said...

I know Cheeky, I don't even see how it will be feasible for me, but I will at least cut down.