Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today was a great day. I am trying to fight the depression as best I can. Yes, grief is normal, but it is also damn hard. While yesterday was a sucky day, today was good. Boyfriend and I had lunch with CLF and CLFH, complete with Oreo cheesecake for dessert. Mamma mia.

Afterwards he and I browsed a bookstore and a crafts store, where I bought some more funky yarn. (I am really getting into my knitting.) We did some boring stuff like food shopping but I feel relaxed and okay.

On Friday night CLF and Artsy Friend came over and we all knitted together. It was great because they are more experienced than me so I was able to ask all my questions. We had pizza and wine, as well as a chocolate chip cookie cake that Boyfriend and I picked up as a surprise for Artsy Friend. It said "Congrats!" to applaud her for getting into the university she applied to, as a transfer. One smart lady.

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Andi said...

I wanna knit. Heather sent me a great scarf for my birthday, and I've felt the knitting urge ever since.