Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blinded By The Light

On Sunday night I dreamt that I was back at the Christian college I went to a few years ago. I was sitting in Mentor's class (he was my professor back then) and he asked me to read a passage from the Bible. I tried to read it but stumbled over every word because apparently I was losing my eyesight. I was wearing my glasses but it was so blurry that I couldn't read it.

I told Mother about the dream. She didn't seem to think anything of it until I mentioned the whole Bible part. Then she said, "Oooooh, really? What could that mean? Spiritual blindness? Maybe you're ready to come back to the fold..." I snorted.

Is that what the dream meant? Was it some latent fear I have of losing my religion that manifested?

Anyway, I returned to school today. My first class was the Americana course with Professor G. Guy Who Sits Behind Me made a comment that I felt obligated to respond to. While discussing the characters in the novel we're reading, he said, "Men are more open-minded than women are. That's not a sexist comment or anything, I'm just saying..." Excuse me? What? I was going to just let it go because it's a class of only six of us (the crappy HC remnant) and he's a nice guy and I didn't want to fight. But as he finished his comment, I realized that letting that just slip by would so not be me. So, when he was done, I raised my hand and Professor G. grinned at me. He told G.W.S.B.M., "Now let's let your classmates respond, because I have a feeling they will want to." I said, "First of all, men are not more open-minded than women are. That is a sexist comment, and it's offensive." Mr. Dirty Jokes, who sits next to me, said, "That's very close-minded of you," which made everyone laugh. G.W.S.B.M. and I later began to speak at the same time, and we each told the other to go first. He said, "So you can rip apart everything I say?" But he said it with a laugh, so I know he wasn't serious.


FP said...

lol just got ur postcard today, see u soon, and thanx it was kool

sojourness said...

No problem, sorry I couldn't find one with Jesus in a cowboy hat on it, hee hee.