Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Instant Karma

Does anyone believe in karma?? I do.

Today I had no classes but I went to school anyway because the English department was giving a talk on graduate schools and programs, and I wanted to hear it. It was pretty good, an hour of hearing about how professors got their M.F.A.'s in Creative Writing and Ph.D.'s in Literature, as well as a Poli Sci guy talk about law school. Very informative.

Afterwards, I had planned to go to the gym but I accidentally left my sneakers at home. Because of that, I realized that I had some extra time, and I knew that I should go visit Father. I knew that I should, but as I was leaving campus, I couldn't bring myself to get in the right lane. I told myself, "You are a bad daughter" as I made that left turn. I really am. I let him lay there, lonely, because I can't bear to see him in the state he's in. Real nice. I think I deserve a good swift kick in the ass.

I decided to go to the health food store to cheer myself up. Fellow Ambassador told me that the gourmet chef who worked there made great food. Besides, I had been there before and they sell incense and soy products and play nothing but very late Beatles music (you know, when they had the long hair and beards and played on rooftops), so it seemed like a good idea to get me out of my funk. I parked at a meter outside, paid my dues, and went in.

When I came out I had a $115 ticket because I didn't notice that there was a No Standing, 4:00-7:00 p.m., Monday - Friday sign. I deserved this. The gods are laughing.


big left nostril said...

Wait... did you really mean $115.00??? That wasn't a typo for $15.00?

Good Lord.

Speaking of late Beatles music, I've been a lurker for a while, and really dig your post's frequent references to Beatles songs. They were a gift from God himself/herself, don'tcha think?


sojourness said...

Nope, not a typo. $115. This is a sick world that we live in.

I have been an avid Beatles fan since I first saw "A Hard Day's Night" when I was 16. I had the good fortune of meeting both Paul and Ringo since then :)

big left nostril said...

I envy you that you got to meet not one, but TWO Beatles. Absolutely amazing. I hope one day to hear more about it; have you told the story somewhere on your blog already?

I just finished posting an article on my blog that I was hoping perhaps I could get your take on. It's about George Harrison, and I would love to read a true Beatles fan's reaction to it.

The URL is:

(I'm not trying to hype my blog or anything; this was just an entry that meant a lot to me, and am hoping it conveys not only accurate information, but also gives a good sense of how these four lads, and, for me, George in particular, are so able to inspire.)


The Turtle

sojourness said...

I never posted those stories, although I briefly alluded to them in an April post entitled "Unknown." I will tell them when I get some time :) Always fun to reminisce about.

sojourness said...

And, I said it over there but will say it again here, that was an amazing George post.