Thursday, October 20, 2005

Savoy Truffle

A couple of days ago was my 6-month anniversary of being a vegetarian. I can't help but think that I should be a lot thinner by now.

Boyfriend and I decided to do the whole get-in-shape thing together. I started off really well when I got back from TX, but today I worked as an Ambassador for the President's Convocation, and... there were cookies. As B. so lovingly put it, I am a Cookie Monster.

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But, tomorrow is another day.

I enjoy being an Ambassador. Sure, you have to do stupid things like hand out programs and give directions, and my friends make fun of the shirt and nametag I have to wear, but I get paid for relatively simple work and I get to hang out with the other Ambassadors. And there are cookies.

Today I got to know Fellow Ambassador a little bit better. See, there were four of us but we split into groups of two and she was the one I worked with. Turns out she's also a vegetarian and is also into spirituality and religious philosophy and all that stuff. She went on and on about auras and pranic energy. By the end of our conversation, she told me that she and a bunch of her vegetarian, spiritual friends get together on weekends just to hang out and share organic food and stuff. She invited me to go. Woohoo.


Femi-mommy said...

i've been a veggie for oh....13, 14, 15 years or something - but i'm also a ben n' jerry's addict - but i think i'm still decently skinny.

chase said...

ah, if only i could get paid in cookies....i'd be fat....ok, fatter....ok....forget the cookies. sounds like it was fun tho. :)

Romeo Jensen said...

durnit... I came in for the hawt HNT action and you dint get a chance... Ill come back next week :)

Happy Belated HNT Gorgeous


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