Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Southern State

Day 5 of my trip down south to Texas. I have never been here before (because it's so far from where I live and I had never flown before) so it's really exciting. I rode the bus yesterday for only fifty cents. It's unreal.

Seriously, though, it has been a lot of fun. We have done a lot of bumming around and being lazy (I love that I can actually do that here, because I sure as hell can't do it at home!) but we have also gone out. Yesterday we went to a Mexican art museum (the picture above is The Runners by Fidencio Duran). The art was lovely and the stuff in the gift shop was so cool. There were a ton of skeleton figures for El Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). It's fun, there's Spanish everywhere and I'm starting to remember it from high school :)

We also went to the mall and saw "Oliver Twist." It was pretty good, although it was over two hours long, and after a while, movie seats hurt my butt. But Dickens is worth it. Dickens was the man.

Fellow Seeker is reading The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton. Yesterday he sent me lines of poetry from it via text message:

All my joys to this are folly, naught so sweet as melancholy.

All my griefs to this are jolly, none so damned as melancholy.

No torment is so bad as love, so bitter to my soul can prove.

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