Sunday, October 02, 2005

Learn to Fly

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I'm alive! That's always a good thing :)

Flying for the first time was absolutely nothing compared to what I had built it up to be in my mind. I didn't even need to medicate myself to get through it. One beer at the airport was sufficient. I wasn't even nervous during takeoff or anything. Feeling quite proud of myself right now.

When we landed and were allowed to put our cell phones back on, I received a message from a fairly drunken Fellow Seeker (it was Friday night, after all) saying that he hopes Shekinah will bear me safely there. (That is a joke we have. Shekinah is the Jewish word for the feminine face of God.) He is too funny. He told me before I left that he made a deal with God. If God kept me safe, F.S. would become straight. I was sorry to have to be the one to remind him that God knew he was lying.

It is so good to be with Boyfriend again. I haven't seen much yet (except during the drive home from the airport) because I've been really lazy and tired, but I will soon. And, as you can see, I brought my laptop, so you are not deprived of me for the duration ;)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you follow in my footsteps now that you're over the flying fear. I say your next flight should be to Boston :P