Wednesday, November 22, 2006


still sick. blah. i feel so yucky. must get better before thanksgiving tomorrow!

i am pretty excited. every saturday the newspaper features "faith" stories. i wrote and submitted one and they just contacted me that they want to use it two weeks from now. they asked me to go to their office so they can take my picture. yay!

it is actually a nice story; i was not hyper-critical or anything. it's in the same vein as my pilgrim's progress post. future priest will be proud.

so glad i'm not traveling home for thanksgiving; looks like the airports are a mess.

i wish i could just feel better already. i have to send boyfriend to the library to pick up my items on hold. (i cannot wait until after thanksgiving weekend! i reserved the movie version of "the mahabharata," a documentary on amazons and a book by groucho!!) why don't libraries deliver? is this not the 21st century?

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fp said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

lookin forward to reading your next piece.

"God love you."