Thursday, November 23, 2006

i am thankful for...

ahhhh. i feel fat and intoxi. not tipsy intoxi, just the kind that comes after a couple of glasses when you feel like you're floating. happily floating.

maybe i'm just high on having eaten turkey, not tofurkey. they didn't have tofurkey so i said fuck it. like i said, can't eat meat all the time, but i can like twice a month, which is the rate i'm at now. boyfriend and i ate and watched football alternated with a cary grant/doris day movie and the thanksgiving episodes of roseanne, and now we are pretty much passed out.

i am thankful for... that loves and supports me

...boyfriend that loves and supports me

...friends that love and support me in america* ...1st amendment, yayyyy


...having enough food each day to complain about being fat

...good job, nice coworkers

...public libraries

...vanilla almond bark-flavored tofutti

...birkenstocks fellowship

...good weather

*post on patriotism and anti-americanism and all my thoughts on both to come soon

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