Sunday, November 12, 2006

the weekend's almost over. *sigh*

yesterday boyfriend and i went to the mall for clothes shopping. oh, yes, clothes shopping. i am always such a joy in these matters. after the trauma was over, we went to this really nice indian restaurant. we haven't had indian food in such a long time - only once since we've been here these past three months - and it was very good and a beautiful place overall.

i can't get used to this daylight savings thing. it gets dark at like 6, pitch black by 6:30. i'm falling asleep every day at 9:30 or so! last night we came home and i conked out at 8:30. 8:30 p.m.

looking forward to thanksgiving. my first thanksgiving away from home. i'm going to make my mom's dishes (except turkey :P) for boyfriend and i, and we will possibly swap food and hang out with his friends upstairs.


Sean Carter said...

We are all looking forwars to Thanksgiving....and it's almost here....I just can't wait.....well since you'll be spending Thanksgiving away from home you can definitely check out my Thanksgiving Blog and find out all the resources I've posted...I'm sure they'll be very useful for you...well visit soon and have a great Thanksgiving!!!!


Face it, we're all just gettin' old. Won't be long till we're all dressin' like couches and playin' bocce ball.