Monday, November 13, 2006

sentimental mush

boyfriend and i live together. we are together when we wake up and when we go to sleep, together on weekends and holidays and sick days. so i'm having lunch during a break from class and i decide that i'm not ready enough for chem lab today. decide to go home and make up the lab on wednesday. text him my decision. he texts me back that he had to stop at the house real quick, but he has to leave in 10 minutes so hurry up so he can hug me.

and i do. i saw him this morning, i will see him this evening, i see him every day, but i hurry. i walk as fast as i can with my heavy books and my sweat dripping down in the texas sun. i walk this way for blocks and blocks just to make it in time. after being together for close to a year and a half, i still do it. after living together for months and seeing each other day and night, i still do it.

it's things like that that let you know that you are undoubtedly with the right person.


cheekynomad said...

i love this post, one of my alltime favorites. i like him even more now.