Monday, November 20, 2006

i'm not sikh, i'm hindu

blah. sick in bed. had to miss three classes today, just couldn't do it. sniffles = exacerbated plus an overall feeling of weakness that is preventing me from walking around the house much, let alone walking to school.

last night's meeting was fun. only two people came but they were two cool people from our first meeting so it didn't matter. my tzatziki came out okay, but not good enough to compel me to make it again when you can get it at the store, man. i actually fell asleep in the afternoon so boyfriend cleaned the apartment and ordered greek appetizers so all would be ready in time, before waking me. he's such a sweetie.

we decided to read 'the arabian nights' for december. ambitious of us, i know. it's like 900-1000 pgs or something. at least we will have fun choosing a restaurant.

i am reading an excellent book on amazon women that everyone should read. it's in the side bar, over there --> called "on the trail of the women warriors." man, i'm just loving it! my presentation for class is going to be kick ass (no pun intended ;)


Mai said...

I am Sikh and I love your blog. Did you know that every person that gets a google alert for the word Sikh is getting a link to your blog today?


sojourness said...

thanks mai. it was just a silly joke that my boyfriend tells. he is indian and whenever i tell him he might get sick he says, "i'm not sikh, i'm hindu." he thinks it's terribly funny, and i guess i do too, otherwise i wouldn't have used it here :)


Ah, lamers in paradise. ;)

Geeta Kaur said...

I am a Sikh, a *student* of my Teacher Guru Nanak, and I strive to follow His Teachings. As Mai mentioned, I received a link to your page through Google Sikh alerts. Here is a website that you may like to share with your boyfriend:

Enjoy :-)