Wednesday, November 01, 2006

so i was pissed because i got between a 56 and a 66 on my chemistry test on monday, so i retook it today and got 100% on the multiple choice (which means between a 90 and a 105). i was shocked. can you believe it? how crazy is that??

halloween was cool. my colleagues came up with some crazy costumes including william wallace from braveheart, playboy bunnies with hugh hefner (who was really a woman), a whoopee cushion, a streaker, etc. by the time i got home, however, i was really stressed out over a bad commute and conked out at 9.30. no joke. woke up this morning at 7. it was nice... wish i could do that every night. i'm a morning person by far.


fp said...

congrats on the test! way to go and Happy Feast of All Saints