Sunday, November 05, 2006

pages and pages

sore back day numero due. i tried icy hot yesterday - man that stuff burns!! - but i'm still in pain. boyfriend is threatening to coat me in it again today but i don't wanna, and if that's childish, so be it.

the website i mentioned is going to be mailing me a book to start out with, so i can do my reviewing soon. this is good because after finishing the secret diary, i am not reading any fiction that is thrilling me. ishmael is a let-down because i hate reading about teacher-student exchanges. that's what killed sophie's world for me. the book itself was great, but i couldn't stick with it. same thing here. this damn gorilla will be explaining the same stupid things to the same stupid man throughout the whole book and it's already killing me.

the books i'm reading on writing, though, are fabulous. FAB-YOU-LUSS. and i'm bored with school, but that happens. so i hope and pray they send me something good to review.



Reading is fun...if yer mental. :P

fp said...

feel better