Thursday, July 05, 2007

Five Reasons Why I Have the Best Boyfriend in the World

There are way more than five, some of which would make you nearly faint with delight at the romance and kindness of it, but geez - a little privacy, folks.

  1. He says things like, "Do you mind if we look around in the Pottery Barn for a bit?"
  2. Every night he prepares and packs my breakfast and lunch so I can take it with me to work in the morning, and when I get home, he has dinner ready. He works and goes to school just like I do, and when I tell him not to do all that, he argues, "I enjoy it."
  3. When I am really stressed, he takes the bus all the way to where I work, up north, to have lunch with me. Then he takes the bus all the way back.
  4. He bought me a vintage copy of a romantic novel for no reason.
  5. After two years he still buys me flowers.


Anonymous said...

OK you were supposed to say Pottery Barn was your idea !!


cheekynomad said...

im gonna go puke now.

when are u gonna send me the pics?

sojourness said...

Oh enough with you and your puking :)

I dunno, whenever I can somehow get them online.