Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The good health god

Those of you who don't believe in a higher power, consider this. Last night I screwed up dinner on a number of levels and decided, the hell with it, I'm going to go to Wendy's. I thought about how unhealthy it would be but decided that I didn't care. I got to Wendy's and was about to open the door when I looked down and saw an ENORMOUS black bug flailing around on the ground. He was dying, and I soon noticed that he was not alone. No, every other ENORMOUS black insect he had ever met in his life, from friends to relatives to casual one-night-stands, was lying there as well, littering the walkway, either dead or fading fast. I nearly retched. I don't know what they were or how they all came to be slaughtered outside of Wendy's but I couldn't go inside after that. I walked a couple of blocks and bought a healthy sandwich.

*Shivers just thinking about it*

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