Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Almost completely over the infection. The wonders of antibiotics. I will probably even go home (to my parents' house) tonight. Fly *home* home on Saturday. Moving this weekend - aaaggghh! - and then by next week should be back into my groove.

Interesting short little fact: I recently read somewhere that Hindus do not really believe in many gods. Rather, they believe in one God but many different incarnations. Kind of like representations of traits, but not separate gods. Then Boyfriend's Mother said something to that effect last night as we discussed religion. She also drew parallels between the Garden of Eden mythology and Hindu mythology, that both stories are about humans who go beyond the boundaries of where they are supposed to go, and get punished for it.

Kind of interesting, I thought. Still dying to read the Ramayana; think I may when I get home.

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