Monday, July 30, 2007

It is great to be back home, and great to be back at work. (Did I just say that?)

Moving has been kind of crazy. I got home from the airport Saturday night at around 11:00 and started packing up my apartment! Yesterday I moved it all a few doors down to the new apartment, except for the heavy stuff, which someone helped me with. Only problem now is the fact that: a) the apartment stinks from the last tenant's cat and dog and b) the toilet doesn't flush. I need to call these people and get someone in there today because a working toilet is seriously essential to one's quality of life. The carpets have been cleaned and re-cleaned so we will need to get them replaced to get that stink out. Geez Louise.

Otherwise things are calm. I am so glad the moving went so smoothly. Sure, I'm sore and exhausted, but done in one day!

Also, just want to thank whoever vandalized the bathroom on the plane that was supposed to take me home, so that the airline got paranoid about terrorism and ripped it out and put it back in, delaying my flight by nearly two hours. Would also like to thank the parents who sat next to me with their horrible children for not knowing how to discipline, as well as the airline itself for changing my seat at the last minute to accomodate someone else and sitting me next to Rosemary's baby.


musing said...

Hope you get your apartment woes fixed soon. Yuck.

cheekynomad said...

so yeah, if im moving in a month, i should really do something about packing. except that i dont know where im moving to :0