Sunday, July 08, 2007

See Your Sunshine

Boyfriend left yesterday for his month-long vacation with his family up north. I will be there shortly but only for about 10 days, since I do not have much vacation time from work. I will get to meet his parents - wow - and see my family and friends. It should be nice.

Now I am alone for a week, and will be for two more after I return. I am a bit lonely and ever missing him, of course, but things are fine. I ran my errands and am working on my paper and la de da. I bought myself some cookies and wine; I should be okay.

I also have Paul's new album to play over and over. Mother gave me an iTunes gift card for Christmas, which I found strange considering I didn't have an iPod or even use iTunes. Well, it came in handy, because I just used it to buy the album.


Anonymous said...

In my heart always!

slim whale said...

hello there! haven't blogged in a long while. i'm glad to read your blog again.

enjoy your wine and cookies. anything with wine tastes fine.

sojourness said...

Hey... I remember you!

How's it going?

Andi said...

Enjoy your time to soak up good books, and of course those cookies and wine!