Thursday, July 05, 2007

The dev guy who called me "not cute" is being nice to me now. He talks to me and makes jokes when he ignored me before. I attribute this to either:

a) he was not talking about me
b) the IT guy told him that I heard what he said and he feels sorry
c) he is as ignorant as most men are

I remember when Fellow Seeker told me that his coworker called me the "not cute" one. (That seems to be my title of choice!) He had met myself and our other friend, a beautiful slim Latina girl, and when F.S. brought me up in conversation, his coworker was like, "Oh, the not-cute one?" F.S. was righteously indignant and bellowed that I am very pretty. Then he promptly told me and we had a little fun with the guy the next time we saw him. "Hey, you remember my friend Sojourness?" F.S. asked. I smiled at him. "Yes, the not cute one?"

The look on his face was priceless.

Speaking of cuteness and the lack thereof - lol - I got glamour photos taken for our anniversary. I got to have my hair and makeup done and be maneuvered into all kinds of silly poses like a real model. I think my favorite was the Spiderman pose - up against a "brick wall" with my hands flushed against it. Ha haaaa. The photos came out nicely though.

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