Monday, October 30, 2006

i need to write. i get these sudden urges all the time and i just need to write, man.

so i studied for my chem test, took it today, was sure that i had aced it, and i only got 12 questions right out of 19. how did that happen? there is another 10-point question that has to be manually graded so i have to wait for that. but, honestly, wtf? i can retake it but will that really help when i was certain i got all those answers right?

office halloween party tomorrow, wondering if i should skip brit lit and spend the day at work and bring some cupcakes and kiss some ass, or not. i probably will.

actually, i'm not much of an ass-kisser... i'm too shy. if i stay in my cubicle and people don't talk to me, i'm fine. not because i don't like people, just because i'm afraid i'll say something stupid.

we're reading the bible (1 and 2 samuel, story of david) for my tales of heroism class and i just can't get myself to look at it from an unbiased viewpoint. i mean, this is not literature man, this is my life up until the age of 18. it's pretty weird.

i have been bitten by the e-zine bug, on and off, for a while now. it would be cool because: a) forces me to write and write well for an audience and i can possibly submit my articles to publications afterwards, and b) i guess that's about it. but every time i get excited about it, i stop and change my mind. then change it back. it's kind of unrealistic for a couple of reasons. numero uno - i don't want to spend money on a domain name if this thing will flop, so it would be hosted on blogger or somewhere equally cheesy (no offense blogger). plus, i only know really basic html anyway, and i don't have frontpage. numero due - i don't have a wellspring of talented writers to tap into for work. it can't just be my writing; that's snobby and conceited and self-centered and boring and, well, a blog. but, for example, andi started a super-cool 'zine because she knew a lot of talented writers. i would have to go searching (myspace? my lit class? the streets of austin?) and am not certain i would find enough/any. so, i don't know.

i'm tired. i forgot to reset the time on my cell phone and i woke up an hour early this morning. yeah, ouch.



Or could ask yer brother. :P

fp said...

those "Bible as literature" classes are the worst... you're better off taking gym or physics. they're usually taught by people who have no clue what they're doing. plus the Bible isn't a novel, the Bible is the Word of God and should be treated as such and you should tell the class that.

sojourness said...

Of course you were on my mind, but even just two writers isn't enough.

I haven't totally abandoned the idea yet, so you will be the first to know if it goes anywhere.



fp said...

for your study: