Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Notes from underground

I have had this photo of the Duomo in Milan (damn scaffolding) on my cell phone forever, now I've finally emailed it to myself so I can delete it and free up space. Woohoo.

I shouldn't have bitched about having nothing to write about, because now I've got stuff to write about, and it's a bitch.

My college just realized - took them months, they're pretty slow - that I am out of state and now, MID-SEMESTER, when I cannot drop the class I'm taking and get my money back, they are charging me DOUBLE because I'm supposedly out of residency or what have you. First of all, this is the most fu-koched (I don't know how to spell it and I don't care) thing EVER. If they were going to charge me that rate, they should have told me when I registered so I could have made an informed decision on whether or not to take the class. They had my TX address back then. Secondly, I'm not out of residency - I'm back and forth between home and here all the time. Thirdly, you can't drop a bomb like this on someone mid-semester. I can't get my money back by dropping it now. THOSE BASTARDS!!

Whew, okay.

I went to a new doctor yesterday for these anxiety/stress-turned-physical problems I've got. I was nervous but the guy was great. Geeky, but great. He spent a lot of time talking and listening to me, whereas I only see my doc at home for 3 minutes. I wait an hour (even with an appointment), he rushes in, he rushes out. This guy saw me at exactly my appointment time and stayed with me a good fifteen minutes, I would say. Woo hoo.

What else, what else... Went to the gym with Boyfriend last night for the first time since we left town. Didn't want to go because I'm a lazy fuck but God it felt good. Can't wait to go tonight. Don't you just love those first few days before reality sets in?

Ciao ciao folks.


fp said...

can i do anything about the school thing?

sojourness said...

Dunno, I am going to fax them my licenses and a bunch of stuff with my address on it and hopefully they will change it back.


cheekynomad said...

fight them on the residency stuff. you're a ny resident and a texas nonresident for tax purposes.