Monday, March 05, 2007

Take a load off, Fannie

I have to say, I had a great weekend in terms of productivity. I watched "Easy Rider" and "Berkeley in the Sixties" for my class on 60s culture, finished reading a novel for that very same class, turned in and aced a creative writing assignment, and wrote some articles for my freelance commitments. Aside from food shopping and such errands, I spent most of the weekend in bed, working. It was great.

I seem to be developing a slight dependence on ibuprofen. For some reason, every day I have terrible headaches, at least twice or more throughout the course of the day. I probably read too much, but what else is there to do in life?? :)

Boss gave me a very tedious, lengthy assignment for today but I am almost grateful for it. I love things that keep me so busy that 5:00 comes fast.

Boyfriend and I joined the gym! First venture tonight. Pray for us unfitties :P I am very excited!!

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Andi said...

Wow, that is a productive weekend. Wish I could say I did as much.

Good luck gyming it!