Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nothing much going on at home except family drama. Everything is okay I suppose, just stressful. I cancelled all my plans with friends because I couldn't get myself to leave the house. *Shrug* I will catch them next time I'm in town, I guess. I need to take some "me" time and some exclusively fam time as well.

But since I'm here, why not a meme??

Multiples of Five

Name one thing you do everyday.

Wake up.

Name two things you wish you could learn.

How to be a better writer and how to change what I don't like about the world.

Name three things that remind you of home.

Mom's Italian sauce. Children. Woody Allen movies.

Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.

Halvah bars. Brownies. Calzones. Indian food.

Name five things that make you feel good.

My love. My fam. My friends. Books. Sweets.

1 comment:

n.v. said...

Your meme reveals you well.

I'm stealing it, btw.