Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I realize that I have been absolutely terrible about keeping up with my blog. I have no excuse save that all I do is work and study, and none of that is interesting enough to repeat. Boyfriend will not let me write about how amazing he is and has been for the past couple of days, but your gag reflexes will probably thank him for that anyhow.

So ... I got nothing. I have been writing all of my "writing" news on another blog, which I will not link to here so as to preserve the anonymity of sojourness! If you know and love me, hit me up for it if you care.

Also, I didn't realize how many readers I had here based on my low comment rate, but it is astounding. StatCounter tells me that I have seen 1,553 of you in the last thirty days alone. Madonna!


cheekynomad said...

welcome back bella, you were missed. btw, Sis turned down my offer but was polite about it.

sojourness said...

Her response was to be expected, the politeness was not (!)


Andi said...

LOL, I'm not surprised at all that you have a cache of readers. And please feel free to ramble about work and school. Then I'll have a counterpart because that's all I'm doing over at my place!