Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On the road

When Sister expressed an interest in driving, I directed her to the school - to the very instructor that I had. He was so good and put me at ease so much that I told her he was the only one she should learn from.

Today she had a lesson and when he was due to pick her up, she told me I should come out and say hello. I refused because there was no way he would remember me. After the lesson was over, she came in the house and told me that he asked how I was doing out of the blue. She told him that I had moved but was here now, and relayed the dialogue we had had about him. He told her to tell me that he wasn't leaving until I came out and said hello to him. So I did. He was like, "Why did you think I wouldn't remember you?" and I said, "Um, because it's been three years?" He laughed and said, "I remember all of my students." And he asked about Texas and how my driving was. Weird.


100 Words said...

I'm the same. Don't want the embarrassment of an acquaintance not recognising you, so you don't approach the acquaintance at all. Weird indeed

fp said...

welcome home.


What he meant was, he remembers all the students that made him fear fer his life. :P