Saturday, March 10, 2007

I know I haven't been posting very much. The reason for that, believe it or not, is the whole switch to a Google account. I love the new Google acount - it is way cooler and easier - but I have two different Google accounts and have been doing work all week through my boss's Google account, so I can never blog. It inevitably signs me out of what I'm doing.

Anyway, there is not too much to say. There is a piece of roadkill on the entrance to the expressway that I have been pitying all week. It was a raccoon, very cute. I first saw it days ago and each day it is still there, only it's position has changed from being hit by various cars, I assume. Quite sad.

Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota
There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon

I'm going home on Tuesday for a little over a week. Boyfriend's coming too, though he'll be in and out, visiting his sister out of state. We are going to freeze our asses off but I'm glad to be visiting. I need a break.

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