Friday, March 02, 2007

Because a t.v. exec is what? Smart??

This is when you know society has lost all respect for itself.

Hmm, what is the latest? Boyfriend and I worked out a way to stay in the apartment we love for another two months, so that is good. (Who needs the stress of moving?) I began my creative writing course online and am doing well with it and having fun. (Only way to be.) Work is work, eccetera. (I know that's not how you spell it in English, I'm saying it in Italian.) Bro is getting his work published in a comic book, something he's always wanted to do. Artsy Friend got a scholarship to study in Florence this summer. My Italian friend got the opportunity to work in Germany for a year. Seems my friends are doing quite well for themselves and I couldn't be happier.

Other than that, life is life. Having the car has dramatically changed things for the better. I am not quite so exhausted anymore. Boyfriend and I are going to join the gym this week so I can get into a nice routine that involves something other than drinking hot chocolate and watching Sopranos.

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