Sunday, October 15, 2006

ah, sundays. the inevitable do-all-the-work-you-were-supposed-to-have-done-already day. it's supposed to be the day of rest, the sabbath, or at least that's how i was raised. but how can anyone truly rest on a sunday? it's crucial pre-monday homework time.

i enjoyed happenstance a lot. audrey wasn't even in it that much, and her character was depressed and a little bit of a jerk, to be honest. but all the other characters, their stories, the way fate brought them all to cross each other's paths... it was really cool. my favorite part was when this racist woman insulted algerians, not realizing the man she was talking to was algerian, and when she left the table he squashed a bug and put it in her coffee.

i really enjoy foreign films, they're fun.

writing a paper on the iliad. my class is full of pretty smart people and we always have great lit discussions. one guy said in our last class that he thinks that in our mainly monotheistic culture, he believes that celebrities have taken the place of the gods of the polytheistic religions. for example, the gods in ancient greece, sumeria, rome, etc. are not perfect, they make mistakes and act childish at times, but they are superhuman and beautiful and wonderful and something that mortals can never be like. he said that the way we obsess over "whether or not jen got new titties" is similar. maybe it's a stretch, but i can see what he means. i mean, if you step back and look at our obsession with celebrity, it is quite interesting. why do we care so much about who broke up and who slept with whom and what people we don't know are doing? because they're beautiful? because they're rich? because they're so far above the rest of us? (and are they really? come on.)

i thought it was a cool point, and he made the class laugh with his use of the word "titties." (it's a morning class, and it was unexpected. don't judge.)

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