Monday, October 23, 2006

the prestige

i saw the prestige yesterday. a friend of mine from one of my classes invited me, and since her friends work at the movie theater, we got free tickets. it was awesome! i didn't expect it to be that good. everyone should go see it. really.

what a sunday. i woke up at 11.30 and conked out at 10.00 p.m. no wonder i was up this morning at 7.30 when i didn't have to be up until 8.45. it's better this way, though. i have some work to do and i'm actually awake and fresh enough to do it :)

i was telling cool coworker during our ride home on friday that i am trying to get published anywhere i can. he told me about a website that is always looking for book reviewers and such. i applied to them and they emailed back interested. it doesn't pay but they give you free books, or cds, or movie passes or whatever, so long as you just review them when you're done. i don't know how i will find time to read more considering my two lit classes and book club, but the possibility of publication is strong and enticing. i have become obsessed. i just need to build my portfolio!!



I might see it as th' only place we'll ever see Wolverine and Batman team-up in a movie. Hell, they even have Alfred along. :P

sojourness said...

lol i didn't even realize that...

i think you would like it.