Saturday, October 21, 2006

ah. weekends are so beautiful, aren't they? every friday, an awesome coworker of mine drives me home. we have great conversations - he's a former english major - and then i get home to my honey, and the weekend begins. two days of freedom! okay, not really freedom considering all the homework and stuff, but still! i love the weekend.

i invented a new breakfast dish entitled "scrambled pancakes" this morning. long story short, we need new pans. (i made scrambled pancakes because we need new pans... i didn't wreck the pans while cooking. i know what you were thinking.)

infamous was wonderful; i really enjoyed it. it had such funny parts for such a serious subject matter.

it looks like there is the possibility of me getting a B in chemistry. 25% of my grade is the lab work, and i have a 94.2% in that area. plus my tests have come out to be like 77% and 79% with some extra points she gives us. i am hopeful.


cheekynomad said...

im so jealous, i wish he were in the same continent as me, I'd make scrambled pancakes, too.

B in chem, go You.

sojourness said...

don't congratulate me yet.